Profile Photo guidelines

Your Zen Educate profile photo is one of the first thing schools see when they look for someone to work in their schools, which is why it’s important to have a great photo. A photo is also required so the school can recognise you when you arrive.

So, what makes a great photo? Don’t settle for any old selfie, here are some tips on how to take a professional profile photo:

Get some help

Keep your selfies to social media, get someone else to help you take your photo.

The best angle to take your photo from is eye-level. Photos taken from above or below make you look different to how you look in real life.

Light and bright

The best photos have lots of light, which allows you to be seen in at your best.

If you’re struggling to take a photo with enough light, try facing a window, turning up all the lights or step outside.

Find a simple background

The best background is a plain background to avoid distracting from your face. Avoid busy backgrounds or ones with other people behind you.

Look Sharp

Choose a professional outfit – the best way to do this is think about what you’d wear to go to work.

Even though your face is the focus of the photo, it’s important that your clothes aren’t distracting or unprofessional. 

Stay natural

Consider tilting your head or angling your body to make the photo look more natural.

Don’t forget to smile

A big, genuine smile makes you look like someone who is friendly and easy to work with.

Things to avoid

  • Blurry or low-quality photos – schools need to be able to clearly identify you
  • Photos from a night out – these photos don’t give the best impression of you as a professional
  • Group photos – keep the photo just to you
  • Looking miserable – schools want positive, proactive people who are happy and approachable. Looking grumpy doesn't help.
  • Not a clear view of your face — avoid photos that are too close or that have your face obscured
  • Filters and stickers — you can do lots of neat things with photo apps these days, but please no filters that make it hard to see you and avoid adding cat ears 🙂

Above all profile photos must clearly show your face and be a truthful representation of you. We may reject photos that do not follow these guidelines.

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