Managing your calendar

If you're looking for daily supply work you can manage when you can and can't work by staying on top of your calendar. You can also use it to see your future and past bookings. Login and head to the calendar in the menu or from the link on the homepage.

Using your calendar

You don't need to mark when you can work — simply mark when you can't or don't want to. If you're not marked as unavailable, or already booked out for work through Zen, then you'll show up in searches by schools.

If you know you won't be available for one or more days you can click, or tap and hold, and drag to select a set of days to mark them as unavailable. If a school searches for cover that includes days you've marked unavailable then you won't show up for them. This means you won't get hassled on days you've told us you can't work.

On mobile, you'll need to tap and hold on a day to mark it as unavailable.

If your calendar is available then you'll show up for schools to request you directly for work.

Some things to note:

  • Because we can see when you're looking to work there's no need to call in daily to remind us you're looking for work — you'll show up for schools and they can request you directly if you're available
  • If there are consistent days of the week that you can't work you can mark that using the Weekly option just next to the calendar. They show up as a dashed area as in the picture above.

The bottom line

Staying on top of your calendar helps make your life simpler and improves the experience for schools as they know the teachers they request are open to work.

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