FAQs on our CPD-accredited Safeguarding Course

I want to try this first before I buy places, is that possible?

​We are offering every school 2 free places to try out the course. You can also view the training course yourself by clicking on ‘Preview Training’ in the training section of the platform.

Who will have access to buy additional courses within my school?

​Training will be enabled at the school level, so everyone within your school who is set-up with a Zen Educate school account will have access to the training and be able to invite more users to take the course.

Do individuals I invite to take the course need to sign up for a Zen Educate account?

​Yes. In order to access the course, all of your staff need to create an account. They will simply have access to their own ‘training’ section and not the Zen Educate school account. This means they can revisit the training on their own, monitor progress and download the certificate upon completion.

If I want to switch plans - from individual to bulk, how do I do this?

​If you’ve decided you want to switch to a different plan, please speak to your AM or email support@zeneducate.com and they will be able to arrange this for you.

Is it possible to swap the user i've invited?

​Yes, you can switch out the individual you’ve chosen to invite, as long as they haven’t started the course. If you need any further assistance, please speak to your AM or email support@zeneducate.com.

Will the learner have access to the certificate once they have completed it?

​Yes, when they log in they will be able to access the course and their certificate directly. Each learner's certificate will also be stored in your login to download directly.

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