Arranging cover for daily supply

You can use our 'Short-term cover' search to quickly request and resolve a need for daily supply work. For longer term supply, say 2–3 weeks or more, we recommend you use the 'Jobs' tab, where you can either post a job or browse candidates than are interested in longer term work.

When you search for cover with Zen we show you teachers, or teaching assistants, who both match what you need and who've marked that they're available for work on the days you choose. This gives the best chance of teachers accepting your request first time.

Teachers with ⚡️ icon next to their profile picture are instantly bookable without waiting for confirmation. Learn more about Instant Book.

Sample teacher profile with Instant book

By default when you search we present results sorted by 'Recommended'. Recommended results are based on a combination of the following attributes:

  • Your favourites — if you've favourited a teacher you'll be able to see them first
  • Instant bookings — teachers you can book instantly, without waiting for a response
  • Recent activity — teachers who are more active on Zen are more likely to accept requests that come their way
  • Distance — everybody likes a shorter commute

We're constantly refining our algorithms for our recommendations, so expect improvements. The bottom line is we're always trying to present the perfect match so you'll get the best cover with the best staff.

If you need someone to get to your school as soon as possible, you can also choose to sort by distance and you'll see the closest available candidates.

Finally, don't forget you can always call or email us to arrange cover for you at or 020 3870 4413

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