Instant Book: book supply teachers instantly

“We created Instant Book because we saw the stress that waiting for confirmation can cause above all the other things a teacher needs to get done in their day.”

— Oren Cohen, Co-founder, Zen Educate

Seeing and booking Instant Book teachers

When you search for cover at your school using our platform you'll see teachers who match your role allowing you to browse their profiles and approach a teacher directly for the work. And because teachers on our platform can manage when they are available to work we also check availability meaning you have the best chance of the teachers you select accepting your role.

In the results of your search you may also see some teachers with a green 'Book' button instead of a blue 'Request to Book'. We've pre-agreed the availability of these teachers and their willingness to work so you can book them in confidence without having to wait for confirmation from the teacher.

Our Instant Book teachers:

  • are open to a degree of travel to roles
  • are flexible for work requests on the same day
  • are tried and tested, consistently providing a great experience for schools

When you use Instant Book, you’ll receive immediate confirmation of your booking by email and we’ll send the teacher all the details of the role and your school so they turn up prepared, when needed.

Look for the Instant Book ⚡️ for teachers you can book instantly

And don't worry, if a teacher is longer than an hour or so away then they won't appear as Instant Bookable, so you can be sure the teacher will be OK to get to your school.

About Instant Book

When booking a supply teacher through a traditional agency you’ll typically have to wait while teachers are contacted and can confirm if they can do the work. Sometimes a number of teachers may have to be contacted before someone can be found to do the job. Through this period you’re still waiting without a supply teacher booked and without knowing who will be coming into your school. We know this can be stressful and we wanted to remove this stress.

Our solution was Instant Book. With Instant Book you get:

  • Exceptional teachers: only our best teachers are available on Instant Book
  • Immediate confirmation when you book a teacher
  • No stress wondering if a teacher can be found
  • No waiting until you know you’ve sorted the supply needs for the day
  • Keep control of who comes into your school by choosing the teacher yourself

This means you can get on with your day in the knowledge you’ve booked the supply teacher you want for your school.

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