Recruit for long-term roles

As well as supporting your daily supply needs, Zen also helps schools all over the country to find great long-term and permanent staff. While a lot of agencies only support over-the-phone requests for long-term staff, Zen allows you to browse and contact matches for your job in real time.

Head over to the 'Jobs' tab on the platform. From there, we allow you to find your perfect job matches in 2 ways.

Create a job

If you know exactly what you're looking for, you can fill out the details of your job, and set the position live on the platform instantly. Within seconds Zen's algorithm gives to access to the top matches for your job based on their quality, suitability, proximity, previous positive feedback and more. You can then contact anyone that you're interested in trialing/interviewing for the position.

The other advantage to you posting the job, is that your Zen account manager will be able to suggest great new candidates that join the platform after your job post has gone live. This bespoke matching process could not happen as quickly from a phone call or email.


If you're not certain about what you're looking for, you can always skip that step and browse candidates instead. In this area of the platform, you can browse profiles and reach out to teachers, TAs and cover supervisors, even if you haven't created a job post.


You can refine and filter who you see by using the filters at the top.

  • Teaching role: show Teachers, Teaching assistants or Cover supervisors
  • Length: see candidates open to daily supply work or long-term roles, both full or part time
  • Year group or subject: which year groups or subjects they can cover

You can see the profile of each of the candidates by selecting Profile and view their CV if you want to learn more.


If you think someone may be right for an opportunity at your school, now or in the future, you can message them directly. If you like you can then add some optional information about the role: start/end date and whatever details you'd like to provide.

Check back

The Zen platform is never static — as new teachers join our platform in your area who fit your criteria you'll be able to see them there and get in touch if you like.

We're always looking to improve how we provide you with quality staff. So please give us feedback to let us know if it's helpful and if we can make it better for you.

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