Timesheets - a quick guide

Every Friday morning you'll receive an email reminder to confirm the week’s work at your school. You’ll have until the following Monday to confirm, edit or leave a comment if you think something doesn’t look right. After that, Zen will automatically confirm the work and an invoice will be generated.

How it works

Ensure your invoice is accurate by following the steps below

Here’s an example of the email we’ll send you to review and confirm the hours worked at your school.

It will redirect you to the platform where you can review all the details. If everything looks right you can select Confirm all for this school.

To amend, select Edit for the teacher you need to change the timesheet for, update the start and end times to match the hours worked, add a few details about the change and hit save.

Has the teacher worked extra hours and the rate needs to reflect this? Let the Zen Team know by adding this information in the comment section. This will enable us to pay teachers the correct amount.

Does your school have multiple members of staff that can edit and confirm? You can see who confirmed a timesheet, whether it was done automatically or by a member of your staff, by hovering your mouse over the help icon.

It’s best that you record all changes directly on the platform - whether it’s editing or requesting a rate increase for extra hours worked by the teacher.

We’re more than happy to help if you have questions or require further assistance. Get in touch with our team by emailing support@zeneducate.com or call us on 020 3870 4413.

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