What is Zen Educate and Zen Vetting

What is Zen Educate?

At Zen Educate our mission is to change the world of Education. Since Zen was established in 2016 it has strived to provide a better environment for teaching staff in the Education sector in the UK and, more recently, in the US. By connecting schools with teachers and teaching assistants via our online platform and the Zen Educate App, we are saving time for schools who can easily request teaching staff within a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a screen. Zen Educate has saved schools £15M by cutting out the traditionally expensive booking fees that agencies charge and instead only charging a low fee rate per booking of a supply staff. Our vetting procedures have been audited regularly since  2019 by the DfE in order to be part of the CCS Framework. We now want to share this vetting technology with your school(s) to help your staff save time and most importantly be confident in the knowledge that all staff’s vetting is up to date and DFE/Ofsted compliant. 

What is Zen Vetting?

Zen Educate’s Vetting service is a cloud-based online platform that helps you safely maintain the compliance of all of your current and prospective staff according to KCSIE and Safer Recruitment standards. You have  access to a centralised dashboard that allows Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) teams to clearly see gaps, track progress and manage your school’s Single Central Record (SCR).. 

Some other of the benefits of Zen Vetting are;

  • Reduce Risk: Safely manage your current and prospective staff in line with Ofsted and KCSI requirements.

  • Improve Governance: Quickly identify gaps with automated notifications, track progress and create audit trails. 

  • Save Time: You will also be able to reduce repetitive administrative tasks. For example, instead of manually chasing a reference automated reminders will be sent to the referee until they fill out the reference.

Where can I use Vetting as a Service? (mobile, desktop etc.)

The best way to experience the Zen vetting platform is by using the desktop version. 

You can currently access the Zen platform through a mobile browser as well. Although we have not optimised for mobile experience to-date. If  you do manage your vetting on the go, please let us know so we can prioritise this feature accordingly. 

For upcoming features that our product team are working on please see question 14 on page 6.

How secure is our data? Is it GDPR compliant?

As Zen Educate specialise in recruiting Teachers and Teaching Assistants, we take our data on vetting extremely seriously. All our data is encrypted in the cloud within the UK and EEA region and is GDPR compliant. If you would like further information on our data protection please see our Privacy Policy.

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