Getting Paid

We want to make sure you get paid correctly and on time!

To ensure a smooth payment process, you'll need to have an account with an Umbrella Company.

We highly recommend working with our trusted umbrella partners: Generate, Key Portfolio, and Workwell. They provide excellent customer service and great benefits for our candidates. For a list of other Umbrella companies we work with, check out our FAQs.

Let's answer some common questions:

How do I sign up to be paid by Zen Educate?

On your first day, you'll receive an email titled "Zen Educate Payment Details" guiding you through the sign-up process with one of our chosen umbrella companies. Take action on this promptly to avoid payment delays. It's a simple process of answering a few questions and providing your payment details. If you're already registered with one of our listed umbrella companies, please email to let us know.

I don't have a sign-up email yet, what should I do?

On the week that you are due to get paid, you will receive an email from your Umbrella Company on the Tuesday or Wednesday (please check your spam/junk folders) to sign up with their portal. This will allow you to view your payslips.

When do I get paid?

Payday is every Friday, and you'll be paid one week in arrears. This means you'll receive payment in the following week for the work you completed this week. Keep an eye out for your payslip to see the amount you're due to be paid. Payment is usually made between 5-7pm on Fridays.

How do I access my payslip?

To access your payslip, simply visit your Umbrella Company's website, log in, and navigate to the payslip section. Your Umbrella Company should have sent you a welcome email with instructions to create a login for their portal. Don't forget to check your spam and junk folders if you can't find the email in your inbox.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us 

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