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πŸ’° Understanding Your Payslip: Zen Educate FAQs

πŸ’Έ App Amounts vs. Payslip Total: The amounts displayed in our app represent your day rate before deductions and other outgoings. Deductions can vary from person to person as each individual has different outgoings and it would be impossible for us to calculate.

🏦 Changing Bank Account Details: For bank account changes, please contact your Umbrella Company, which handles payment processing.

Concerns About Tax: Check your tax code first. If you suspect overpayment, contact HMRC for assistance.

🀝 Tax Changes Between Payslips: Your tax code may change if you exceed the tax-free allowance or if HMRC lacks accurate information. Reach out to HMRC for clarification.

❔How do I get paid?: Please read this article to see your pay journey.

🧾 Employer's Outgoings: Umbrella companies like Generate, Key Portfolio, and Workwell deduct employer's National Insurance, Apprenticeship Levy, and pension contributions. These deductions depend on your taxable income.

πŸ‘ Working with an Umbrella Company: To receive payment, you must have an account with an Umbrella Company. We recommend Generate, Key Portfolio, and Workwell for their customer service and competitive rates.

πŸ“ Umbrella Companies Zen Educate works with: We work with reputable FCSA and Professional Passport-accredited umbrella companies, including Generate, Key Portfolio, Workwell, Orange Genie, Peoplegroup, Mainpay, ePayme, and App PAYE.

πŸ‘ Understanding the Umbrella Company Margin: The margin paid to umbrella companies covers payment and taxation to HMRC. The margin varies between umbrella companies, Key Portfolio and Workwell margins are at 4% of the daily rate and capped at Β£10 per week, whilst Generate is at 4% with a minimum of Β£5 and a cap of Β£10 per week.

πŸ‘ PAYE vs. Umbrella: The take-home pay remains the same whether you're paid via PAYE or an Umbrella Company. However, gross day rates may differ to account for employer's outgoings. This doesn't affect your net pay.

πŸ”„ Switching Payment Method: Contact Zen Customer Support to talk about switching between PAYE and Umbrella or vice versa.

πŸ“‘ Enrolled in a Pension: Umbrella companies automatically enroll you in a pension scheme if you’re aged between 22 and State Pension age, and earn over a certain amount, as this is required by law. You will receive a pension enrolment pack directly from the Umbrella Company’s chosen provider. Opt-out options are available, you must contact your Umbrella Company to discuss this. Please note, that if you opt out within the first 30 days of auto-enrollment any pension deductions made will be paid back to you.

πŸ–οΈ Holiday Pay Options: You can choose to have holiday pay advanced (included in your take-home pay) or accrued (saved). By default holiday pay is advanced, contact your Umbrella Company to request accrual instead.

πŸ€’ Sick Pay Claims: To claim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), notify your Umbrella Company immediately. Each Umbrella Company has specific guidelines for sick pay claims.

πŸ“‹ Reviewing Your Payslip: If you encounter issues with your pay, refer to the Key Information Document on your app for a detailed breakdown. For further assistance, email, providing relevant details and attaching your latest payslip.

Remember, Zen Educate does not have direct access to your payslips.

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